When I photograph strangers it is in reflections, through windows, from a distance, or from behind. There remains a diaphanous barrier between us which acts as a filter against interaction. By not directly addressing them I can maintain an illusion of detachment as I wander the city.

Fortress of Solitude is a physical manifestation of the filters I put up to ease the impact of the actual world. Each transparent image has a portion that is solidifying, layering up to be an obstruction of the whole. As I put up more and more filters around myself I will eventually create a wall behind which I am hidden and the rest of the world is blocked out.

Fortress of Solitude was conceived and developed during #nofilter, cycle 7 of Forward Flux Productions’ collaborate create 21 day residency program in Seattle, April 2016. The 20 artists of #nofilter explored the overwhelming use of filters in how we present ourselves to the world and how the world is presented to us.