Inspired by my love of inexact historical astronomy and Science Fiction, this series includes portraits of moons of our solar system, speculative interpretations of possible astronomical events, and portraits of the sky on the equinox and solstices made out of sewing pins.

The Moon, our moon, with a somewhat correct mapping of the surface done in pencil.

The background for these are made of layers and layers of tissue paper cemented together with black gesso which was then cut to size and mounted on black ink-stained cradled panels. The images are then created using oil, lacquer ink, gouache, and pencil.

The Moon (detail)

Phobos & Deimos; The Moons of Mars, The misshapen pink-tinged moons of mars.

The Birth of the Yellow, Red, and Blue Suns. Inspired by The Rite of Spring segment from the movie Fantasia. Oil paint, powdered graphite, dry pigment, lacquer ink, and matte spray on panel.

Yellow Planet. Oil paint, powdered graphite, powdered pigment, matte spray, and oil stick.

Green Planet

Green Moon. Layers of white oil paint and white gouache, oil stick, and laquer ink.

Cosmos, The view looking up from Seattle, on the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, and Winter Solstice. The stars are made of oil paint tipped sewing pins on a sky of black gesso, oil paint, powdered graphite, powdered pigment, and dry watercolor.

Significant Moons of Uranus

Pluto's Moons