Pieces of Me is about our smaller identities. The little pieces of ourselves that make us each a unique. Each of the printed photographs is embossed with secret messages that tell little pieces of my story. For the exhibition Who Am I/ Who I Am I invited the audience to take home pieces of me.

I couldn't think so I decided to go out and find myself. I was surprised at how personal it became. I embossed the images I made on my searches with secret messages that tell little pieces of my story.

Pieces of Me was conceived and developed during Who Am I/ Who I Am, cycle 7 of Forward Flux Productions’ collaborate create 21 day residency program in Seattle, April 2017. The 20 artists of Who Am I/ Who I am examined the concept of Identity and created art in response/ reaction.

150 4” x 6” photographs text embossed with an electric typewriter.

I think they can see their own faces under the ice.

My heart is tattered but it is there.

My shadow is stalking your shadow.

I like to keep a veil between the world and me.

I break my life into little pieces.

Sometimes I feel like I am under attack.

When I talk I feel like my skin is being torn off.

My eyes have cracks.

Sometimes the shadows are stronger.

I will always find the sunspot.

My grandparents house was white-painted brick.

My dreams are my own.

I have doubted the existence of god since my First Communion.

The past is fading.

I like to peek through dirty windows.

The ornate gives me peace.

Chinese food is my true love.

The nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

I am not the only broken one.

If I look you in the eye you will know too much.

The gateway to my adventures.

When I start to breathe again.

I used to be so brave.

I will follow you anywhere.

I want to be on that side.

You don't know I don't follow your rules.

My spirit animal.

I used to be sort of a bad girl.

I will always stare into the sun.

Perfection frightens me.

Sometimes it is best to be alone.

I am the girl in the tree.

I think this all day every day.

I am a time traveller.

I can see ghosts.

I pretend I am in a 1960s sci-fi movie.

I have learned when to give up.